About the Site

Site Name: Charlie-Day.com
URL: charlie-day.com
Owner: Cole
Opening Date: October 2020

Why Charlie?
Like many, I was introduced to Charlie Day through his work on his show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as the eccentric Charlie Kelly. Charlie’s talent as an actor, musician, and writer really shined through. After getting back into fansites, I found out there were no Charlie fansites for me to visit, so I just had to make one.

Who is the owner?
I’d like to think I’m a web designer, but I am still in school for it. I first got into fansites around 10 years ago. I love to draw, make stuff in Photoshop, and look after my many lizards. I have two other fansites at the moment: Arjun-Gupta.com and Hale-Appleman.com.

Thanks to my following friends for helping me out with images for the gallery: