It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

This page may contain spoilers for the show, please proceed to read with caution.
Due to sharing a name with his character, Charlie Day will be referred to as “Day,” while his character is referred to as “Charlie” on this page.

Network: FXX
Rating: TV-MA
Number of seasons: 14 out; renewed for 18 total
Also Starring: Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Kailtin Olson, Danny DeVito
Charlie’s Role: Charlie Kelly; creator/producer/writer

About It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Five friends with big egos and small brains are the proprietors of an Irish pub in Philadelphia.

About Charlie Kelly

Charlie Kelly is the janitor of Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia, PA. He was originally one of the owners, but sold off his shares to his friends. Charlie thinks himself to be a hopeless romantic for a woman he and his friends know only as “The Waitress,” but he stalks her to extreme measures and she does not reciprocate the feelings.

He lives in squalor in a one-room apartment with Frank Reynolds, the man Charlie believes could be his father, despite Frank’s denials. The two men share a bed and eat cat food in order to fall asleep. Some nights, they play a game called “Night Crawlers,” an imagination-based game.

Like the rest of the gang, Charlie is an alcoholic.

Charlie’s illiteracy and artistry.

As the janitor of Paddy’s Pub,

Notable Charlie Quotes

  • “Here’s a confession: I’m in love with a man. What? I’m in love with a man. A man called God. Does that make me gay? Am I gay for God? You betcha!” (2×07)
  • “Look at that door, dude. See that door right there? The one marked ‘pirate’? You think a pirate lives in there?” (3×06)
  • “‘Just get a job?’ Why don’t I strap on my job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon, and fire off into job land, where jobs grow on jobbies?!” (3×07)
  • “Cannibalism? Racism? Dude, that’s not for us… those decisions are better left to the suits in Washington. We’re just here to eat some dude!” (4×01)
  • “That right there is the mail. Now let’s talk about the mail. Can we talk about the mail please, Mac? I’ve been dying to talk about the mail with you all day, okay? Pepe Silvia, this name keeps comin’ up over and over and over again. Every day Pepe’s mail’s getting sent back to me. Pepe Silvia, Pepe Silvia, I look in the mail, this whole box is Pepe Silvia! So I say to myself I gotta find this guy. I gotta go up to his office, I gotta put his mail in the guy’s goddamn hands! Otherwise he’s never gonna get it, it’s gonna keep coming back down here. So I go up to Pepe’s office and what do I find out, Mac, what do I find out? There is no Pepe Silvia. The man does not exist, okay? So I decided, ohh shit, buddy, I gotta dig a little deeper. There’s no Pepe Silvia, you gotta be kidding me, I got boxes full of Pepe! All right, so I start marching my way down to Carol in H.R. and I knock on her door and I say, ‘Caaarol, Caaarol! I gotta talk to you about Pepe!’ And when I open the door, what do I find? There’s not a single goddamn desk in that office. There is no Carol in H.R. Mac, half the employees in this building have been made up. This office is a goddamn ghost town.” (4×10)
  • “I am going to smack everyone into tiny little pieces.” (4×13)
  • “Hello, Charlie Kelly here, local business owner and cat enthusiast. Is your cat making too much noise all the time? Is your cat constantly stomping around driving you crazy? Is your cat clawing at your furniture? Think there’s no answer? You’re so stupid! There is! Kitten Mittons. Finally, there is an elegant, comfortable mitten for cats… I couldn’t hear anything! Is your cat one-legged? Is your cat fat, skinny, or an in-between? That doesn’t matter! Cause one size fits all! Kitten Mittons! You’ll be smitten! So come on down to Paddy’s Pub. We’re the home of the original Kitten Mittons. Meeeeeeeeeeowwwww!” (5×08)
  • “Cats do not abide by the laws of nature.” (5×09)
  • “What is this word ‘spa’? I feel like you’re starting to say a word and you’re not finishing it. Are you trying to say spaghetti? Are you taking me for a spaghetti day?” (6×10)
  • “I’m not an executioner. I’m the best goddamn bird lawyer in the world.” (11×07)

Trivia & Fun Facts

About the show:

  • The original pilot was a version of the episode “Charlie Has Cancer,” which Day, McElhenney, and Howerton filmed on their own with whatever they had and basically no money. There are rumors that they filmed the pilot for $200, but the guys denied the numbers.
  • The original title of the show was It’s Always Sunny on TV and was going to be about four struggling actors looking to make it big.
  • The show was going to be cancelled after its first season if they didn’t have a big name sign on for season two. Danny DeVito joined the show because his children were fans.
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the longest-running live-action comedy.

About his character, Charlie Kelly:

  • Charlie survived an abortion. His mother went to a back-alley place to abort him, but it didn’t take, and he came out three months later.
  • Despite attending a Catholic school with Mac when they were kids, Charlie is shown to have atheist/agnostic views, arguing about religion with Mac at points.
  • In a scene in 2×10, Charlie can be seen tattooing his arm. He writes “BADNEW,” and the writing can be seen on his arm throughout the show since.
  • Charlie has perfect pitch and can play a number of instruments, such as the piano (keyboard), harmonica, and saxophone.
  • Charlie’s favorite food is “milk steak,” his favorite hobby is “magnets,” and he likes ghouls.
  • Unlike the rest of the gang, Charlie is shown to have a general lack of interest in sex, leading to fan theories that Charlie is asexual. In a deleted scene from season 5, Charlie tells Mac of his disgust of sex.
  • In seasons 13 and 14, Charlie has made comments alluding to being non-binary. (13×06 “The Gang Solves the Bathroom Problem” and 14×09 “A Woman’s Right to Chop”)


Much like his character, Charlie Kelly, having written numerous songs on the show, Day had a real-life hand in writing the songs his character wrote.

Songs written by Charlie Kelly:
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    Nightman, sneaky and mean
    Spider inside my dreams, I think I love you
    You make me wanna cry
    You make me wanna die
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    I love you, Nightman
    Every night you come into my room
    and pin me down
    with your strong arms
    you pin me down
    and I try to fight you
    you come inside me
    you fill me up and I become the Nightman
    It’s just two men sharing the night
    It might seem wrong
    But it’s just right!
    It’s just two men sharing each other
    It’s just two men like loving brothers
    One on top and one on bottom
    One inside and one is out
    One is screaming he’s so happy
    The other’s screaming a passionate shout
    It’s the Nightman
    The feelings so wrong and right, man
    They’re feeling so wrong and right, man
    I can’t fight you, man
    When you come inside me
    And pin me down with your strong hands
    And I become The Night
    The passionly passionate Nightman
    They took you, Nightman
    And you don’t belong to them
    They left me in a world of darkness
    Without your sexy hands
    And I miss you Nightman, so bad…
    The Princess (spoken)
    What is this strange feeling?

    Lead Boy (spoken)
    I feel so strange inside!

    The Princess (spoken)
    It’s so strange, but appealing!

    Lead Boy (spoken)
    I feel… good. Oh!

    The Princess
    Tiny Boy
    Little Boy
    Baby Boy
    I need you
    Tiny Boy
    Little Boy
    I want to
    touch you boy
    I need you boy
    Tiny Boy
    Little Boy
    Baby Boy
    I need you
    Tiny Boy
    Little Boy
    want to make
    love to you boy
    boy oh boy
    boy oh boy oh boy oh boy
    oh boy

    Lead Boy (sung over the Princess’ refrain)
    If you only knew
    what I’d do to you
    If I was that boy
    that’s inside of you!
    If you only knew
    what I’d do to you
    If I was that boy
    that’s inside of you
    Inside of my mind

    The Princess and Lead Boy (spoken together)
    Oh boy!

    Troll (spoken)
    You came at the right time!

    The Nightman (spoken)
    Is he sleeping?

    Troll (spoken)
    Yeah! He’s sleeping right over there! Just the way you like ’em! Did you bring the toll?

    The Nightman (spoken)
    Confound your lousy toll, troll!

    You gotta pay the Troll Toll
    If you wanna get into that boy’s soul
    You gotta pay the Troll Toll
    To get in!
    You want the baby boy’s soul
    You gotta pay the Troll Toll
    You gotta pay the Troll Toll
    To get in!
    Troll Toll!

    Lead Boy
    What’d you say?!

    Troll Toll!

    The Nightman
    Hey Hey Hey!

    Troll Toll

    The Nightman (spoken)
    Here’s your toll, troll!

    Troll (spoken)
    Your boy awaits!

    The Nightman (spoken)
    At last the boy’s soul is mine!

    Dayman (ah-ah-ah)
    Fighter of the Nightman (ah-ah-ah)
    Champion of the Sun! (ah-ah-ah)
    You’re a Master of Karate
    And Friendship
    For Everyone
    I was that little boy,
    That little baby boy was me.
    I once was a boy,
    but now I am a man.

    I fought The Nightman, lived as Dayman,
    now I’m here to ask for your hand,
    so if you want to marry men,
    will you marry me?

    Will you come on stage and join me,
    in this thing called matrimony?
    Please say yes and do not bone me.
    Please just marry me!

    Magic’s in the air

    Dee, Dennis, and Mac
    Magic’s in the air…

    Lace and silk is everywhere…

    Dee, Dennis, and Mac
    Lace and silk…

    Struttin’ with dramatic flair…

    Dee, Dennis, and Mac
    Dramatic flair…

    And bright smiles…
    So everyone prepare, for something special tonight…

    Dee, Dennis, and Mac
    Here she is, Frank’s Little Beauties…

    Your heart will go into a cardiac arrest
    ‘Cause Frank’s Little Beauties are nothing but…
    (Charlie starts to rap)
    From state to state, and town to town
    These girls’ll turn your frown upside-down!

    Dee, Dennis, and Mac
    Uh-huh, uh-huh…

    Who’s brass and class, and all that stuff?
    These girls’ll show you that they’re good enough!

    Dee, Dennis, and Mac
    They’re good, all right!

    So put your hands together and settle in
    ‘Cause tonight we’re gettin’ down (get in town)
    Only one contestant wins

    Charlie, Dee, Dennis, and Mac
    Frank’s Little Beauties crown!

    Woah woah woah woah!

    Oh, they say the world’s your oyster,
    Man, but oysters ain’t for me
    You’re the belle of the ball
    But you ain’t my cup of tea
    They always vote you Best in Show
    But this doggie disagrees
    ‘Cause I like life at Paddy’s Pub…

    There’s a place for me
    It’s the place I go
    Where the beer is cheap
    And the lights are low
    It’s Paddy’s Pub
    I like Paddy’s Pub
    Let the record show
    The greatest place to go
    Is that bar called Paddy’s Pub…
    (harmonica solo)
    I like life at Paddy’s Pub

    There’s a spider (spider, spider)
    He’s deep in my soul (soul, soul)
    He’s lived here for years (years, years)
    And he just won’t let go
    He’s laying around
    He’s got a mean bite
    Now he’s ready to fight…
    And stand up for what he knows…
    I don’t need your trophies or your gold
    I just want to tell you all
    Go fuck yourselves…
    Go fuck yourselves…
    Go fuck yourselves…

In season 12, It’s Always Sunny had a musical episode titled “The Gang Turns Black.”

List of Episodes Written by Charlie Day

Day has hand in writing a handful of episodes along with Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton. These are the episodes he is credited for writing:

  • The Gang Gets Racist
  • Charlie Wants an Abortion
  • Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom
  • Hundred Dollar Baby
  • The Gang Gives Back
  • The Gang Exploits a Miracle
  • Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass
  • The Gang Finds a Dumpster Baby
  • The Gang Gets Invincible
  • The Gang Solves the North Korea Situation
  • The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo
  • The Gang Sells Out
  • Bums: Making a Mess All Over the City
  • Mac and Dennis: Manhunters
  • The Gang Solves the Gas Crisis
  • America’s Next Top Paddy’s Billboard Model Contest
  • Mac & Charlie Die: Part 1
  • Mac & Charlie Die: Part 2
  • The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition
  • The Nightman Cometh
  • The Gang Hits the Road
  • The Waitress Is Getting Married
  • A Very Sunny Christmas
  • The Gang Reignites the Rivalry
  • The Gang Buys a Boat
  • Who Got Dee Pregnant?
  • Sweet Dee Gets Audited
  • CharDee MacDennis: The Game of Games
  • The ANTI-Social Network
  • Pop-Pop: The Final Solution
  • The Gang Recycles Their Trash
  • The Maureen Ponderosa Wedding Massacre
  • Charlie and Dee Find Love
  • Reynolds vs. Reynolds: The Cereal Defense
  • The Gang Broke Dee
  • Gun Fever Too: Still Hot
  • Mac Day
  • Psycho Pete Returns
  • Charlie Work
  • The Gang Misses the Boat
  • The Gang Goes on Family Fight
  • Frank Retires
  • Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo
  • The Gang Turns Black
  • Hero or Hate Crime?
  • PTSDee
  • Dennis’ Double Life
  • Mac Finds His Pride
  • The Gang Gets Romantic
  • The Gang Texts
  • The Gang Solves Global Warming